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Pokémon battle frontier episode 4 ( articuno ek prachin Pokémon) part 2 in Hindi dub
Pokémon battle frontier episode 4 ( articuno ek prachin Pokémon) part 2 in Hindi dub YouTube
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• 13m
Pokémon battle frontier episode 4 ( articuno ek prachin Pokémon) part 1 in Hindi dub
Pokémon battle frontier episode 4 ( articuno ek prachin Pokémon) part 1 in Hindi dub YouTube
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2 theories about Ash

So, we all know Ash. In the first episode of Pokemon, there is a Pokemon where if you wish something it will obviously come true. Ash wished for internal happiness in each Pokemon and the popular saying is "Gotta catch em all!" So that means if Ash stopped catching Pokemon, he wouldn't be happy anymore. He wished for internal happiness and what he possibly means by that it here is happiness in every Pokemon he catches. In some of the episodes, Ash smiles as he is crying so he still has happiness from his Pokemon.

I know that's normally in anime but this could be true but it's only a theory.

Another theory is that Ash is coping with something and he never wished for happiness in Pokemon. Pokemon make him happy so he won't get depressed or anything like that.
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• 10h

Evol by trade

Hi, everyone. I recently got Ultra Moon and I was wondering if any of you could help me getting some pk that only evolve by trading. Right now there are three, a Gengar, a Trevenant and a Gigalith. If you want the same thing I'm happy to help, also, if there are any version exclisives you want I can get them, if I can't yet I'll messege when I have it, just make a list.
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Screen capture?

I have a question.

I want to make YouTube videos about my 3DS games but I can't find any webshop that sells capture cards. Is there a way to buy one, and if not, is there a way to screen capture my 3DS without having to spend money or download illegal or dangerous software?
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Now the sun and moon season 3 is airing from episode 91..

So we can say that we are In the end of this series...so what do you think when will the alola league will come.....we also see that the eevee is coming...

But the (alola league) no sine of it.

So still long way to go....if the alola league will appear..then every trainer have to get 8 badges...then they will inter the league....so I say that earlier still long way to go maybe more 50/60 episode then the END of this sun and moon.

So what do you think guys...
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Atlas post

Going with O,

Have fun and Enjoy!

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The game is out guys. Pokemon lets go Pikachu let's go eevee. The game is out. Huuhhhhhhhhuuuuu. Enjoy ❤❤❤❤.
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Your favorite fire type Pokemon name plzzz

My favorite fire type Pokemon is charizad
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Happy to be back

Am happy to be back, already I have a account but I lost it, then I joined, I still missed Pokemon fandom so much, hope you guys give me a warm welcome again 😊😊
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Pokémon ideas?

Any Pokémon ideas or ones you want to see in the future? For me I want a ice normal type based off of a lynx!
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Cinccino and Minccino Art

Hey guys! I'm really glad to tell you all that I've finally bought Prismacolors, the brand I always wanted to buy and use. Just after they got delivered to my home, I was really excited to use them hence came up with a quick art. I hope you'll like it! ♥️

-Credit to the Original Artist.
@Moon on DeviantArt
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Happy To be back!!

Am happy to be back here. Was also here before as skullcrusher88. But lost that account. Then joined anime amino, but still missed pokemon fandom. Hope you guys give me a warm welcome again!😄
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I'm New To this Fandom everyone I Loved the Detective Pikachu Trailer

I'm New too this Fandom App everybody And I gotta Say I loved The Detective Pikachu Live action Pokemon Movie Trailer
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Which of these is you favoraite this is all pokémon evolved by evee
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Your choice

If you could choose between world peace or pokemon ,what would your starter be?
👇👇Give me your answer 👇👇
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