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This post is locked.

Energy, you better read this or else

Can someone kindly explain to me why the hell have I been demoted?! I think I did inform some of the relevant staff that I am leaving for my trip that lasts several months. Not a single person told me I will be demoted due to this absence. Energy, I demand an explanation for all that has happened, right here and right now. If you seemed to have conveniently forgotten, then allow me to refresh your memory. Back when I was active here, I managed the discussions pretty decently and the appropriate moderations actions I have taken can be verified by you at any time. Demoting someone for no rhyme or reason is simply not a laughing matter. There are many other moderators such as Khaleesi Zhovarsi and Annabeth and percy who also display nearly similar levels of inactivity to me in this period, rarely commenting or executing any sort of discussions moderation. And their inactivity persisted months longer than me. In this similar vein, why don't you demote them for their inactivity too? Or will you give an excuse for yourself in displaying double standards or favouritism on demotion for certain staff members, and let the whole fandom know of your personal bias? Well, what will it be? Either way, just because you did not like me from the start, it does not give you a legitimate reason to abuse your authority and power to ease your own personal feelings towards a fellow staff member. Therefore, I believe I am perfectly justified in demanding my re-promotion immediately and without delay.

As I'm browsing through the current abject state of the fandom, I have stumbled upon an issue which I have no other words to say, but "WHAT?"
This kiddo who you just promoted recently has shown no proficiency in moderating anything whatsoever. He could not even moderate a 2-member Fandom without pissing that other person off. I am referring to this pompous user named "Professorshashank". I have glanced through the moderating actions that was executed by him and it's just abhorrent. Are you even on Fandom often enough to notice the blatant abuse of power this self-styled "strict disciplinarian" has done? I cannot believe you actually thought he would be "moderator" material just by his previous posts. Do you even perform cursory background checks on any user's post history before making such a crucial decision as a promotion? This only reeks of irresponsibility and apathy to the Fandom.
I bet you aren't even on Discussions anymore and pretty much let people like this Shashank kid just wreck the site right? Is this how a site should be moderated by an owner? Is this the new normal now? Apathy and indolence? Also, I could not help but guffaw at the state of the Discussions when glancing through a few posts after returning from my trip. In my mind, only "wth?" was running through it. There are some specific posts and nonsense which people are not even enjoying at all. You could have just asked the Fandom users or conduct polling to see if there is even any interest in all these or not in the first place. Or is that too much work for the "owner" of the site?
If you really want Discussions to be actually considered "a place where people discuss" (because it's in the name), then bring back the off topics and all the old stuff that actually made the Fandom an awesome place to be in. Trust me, with all the trolls are gone, there's barely anyone here nowadays.
This place used to be so much fun and enjoyable in the past. And deep down, you know I'm right. Now nothing that makes discussions lively is allowed here. The stifling environment here is akin to being in prison cells and people are just going through the motions, doing heavily regulated stuff, under the watchful eyes of their autocratic authorities, who will spout random bombastic vocabulary just to sound smart. (Seriously, why did you even promote this delusional boy? It does not reflect well on your judgement as the owner).
As the owner, you are obligated to make the vital decisions that allow this place to function, and to exercise appropriate judgement when making those decisions (like staff promotions and restricting content). Therefore, people look to you to ensure the place has something to offer everyone, so everyone can appreciate and enjoy the site. A small step in the right direction would be to allow off-topic posts again. It is no secret that it is wildly popular among the masses, and your constant stifling of this aspect of the site does not reflect well on your discretion in creating and maintaining an active and lively Discussions section. It has already been 6 whole months without it, and look at the widespread boredom and linearity of content it has precipitated in the Discussions. Open your eyes for heaven's sake and look at how the Discussions is dying a slow and painful death.

Hence, I am offering you a suggestion. Either promote me, or demote everyone else who isn't doing their moderating job properly or is just straight up inactive. This staff idling issue and staff abusing their power to massage their ego as another issue is extremely grave. Anyone looking at the errant behaviour of some of the staff will definitely think lesser of your acumen and wisdom as an owner. Anyone looking at how you have single-handedly strangled the liveliness and spontaneity of the Discussions with your autocratic regulations will probably be so appalled that they will just up and leave anyway. And I need not tell you that a Discussions section with barely any people isn't a "Discussion", it's a "Conversation". So unless that is your goal (which I hope to God it isn't), I suggest you steer this ship in another direction as soon as possible.

And if you aren't going to take any proper actions in righting this ship, or gonna behave like a snowflake and ban me because of these criticisms, then I have one thing to tell you:
I can and will troll incessantly or will return with alts. If you really do not want to reinstate the off-topic posts, then it would behoove you to think of us as fellow staff members whose opinions count for something. Do not treat us like a random dog on the street who is not worthy of consultation regarding any momentous decisions for the site. Make this place as well as the staff and Fandom culture a more inviting and inclusive place for all members and users.

This is all I want to say, and if you actually dare to delete or lock it without responding to any of the issues I have raised, then I will declare right here and now that I am gonna keep making such posts until you give me a reasonable explanation and account for those issues.

(Btw, I want everyone else but Energy to stay out of this post. I want to talk to only Energy and no one else. So, all you other moderators can just shut your metaphorical traps and keep clear of this.)
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