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Pokemon go

How can I do the time trick
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Journey of Ash

Will ash continue journey with Lily,Misty,Brock
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Showdown voting! (NEED PARTICIPANTS)

Today, we will be voting for which tournament we will have for the next Pokémon Showdown tournament this February. We will need as many participants as we can. Below is the poll and a basic rundown of Showdown and the Tournament Rules.


If you don't have a Pokémon Showdown account, make sure you sign up and make an account here:


When making an account, make sure your username is appropriate for the wikia.


To vote for which competition you want for next month, simply go to the StrawPoll link or the voting poll below and vote for which one you want.


To make a team in Pokémon Showdown, click the Teambuilder button and press New Team. You don't need to make a team right now, so you should wait to make a team until the format of the tournament is decided in February. Once rules DO come out, a list of banned and allowed Pokémon/Items/Abilities may come out and you fill have to follow them in order to participate.


Little Cup - Normal Little Cup format with Little Cup rules

MultiColor - Participants have a team of Pokémon that are all in the same color group

4x Weakness - Participants have a team of Pokémon with a 4x weakness to another type

Smash Bros. - Participants have a team of Pokémon in Smash Bros (fighters, trophies, spirits, etc.)

Unique Typings - Participants have a team of Pokémon that have a unique type combo

Regional - Participants have a team of Pokémon all from the same generation


Remember, we need all the people we can get and anyone that participates in the tournament is greatly appreciated. We need everyone to help. Anyway, get to voting and good luck at the tournament. Thank you and have a nice day!



Which tournament should we host for the wikia?
  • Little Cup
  • MultiColor
  • 4x Weakness
  • Smash Bros.
  • Unique Typings
  • Regional
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Can you add me on pokemon go

My friend code is 4824 9436 4388
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A HydroElectric Twin Evolution

The boys accompany Sophocles, who faces the Charjabug race rival, Horacio. At the same time, the girls get visited by Ida, who goes to train Lana and Popplio further.

Pokemon Sun and Moon Episode 106 Preview (HD)
Pokemon Sun and Moon Episode 106 Preview (HD) YouTube
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Need your help

Hey guys
I wanted to buy pokemon lets go pikachu game
I have a 2 ideas for that ...
Please listen it ..
I didn't have ninetendo switch so first I will buy ninetendo switch and then I will buy pokemon lets go pikachu pokeball plus bundle .....this one 👇👇👇👇
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Which is your best starter pokemon

Charmender tododile treecko
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Is Pokemon game Let's go we've and pikachu is great!

I want to know which Pokemon game is worth it cause I don't want to waste my money on the game that don't feels good help me
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Pokemon FRIEND

Let's be friends in Pokémon GO! My Trainer Code is 5877 2632 6185!
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My ground type trial

So last week a posted my idea for a normal type trial so I thought I'd post my idea for ground

You enter a deep mine you are greeted by a worker class trainer he doesn't battle you but simply gives you a flashlight telling you that it's needed to find the guards, as you make your way inside you realise the mine is like a maze and your light can't reach both sides of the tunnel a little further along you find a gollet using a pick axe on a large lump of rock as your light meets the Pokémon it turns to you and a battle starts, after defeating the gollet you find yourself holding the pick axe which has a note tied to it which reads find my brothers and sisters 5 of them there are the parts of the path they guard, as you venture further in you encounter 3 more each guarding a lump of rock after each victory you use your pick axe on the rock and find part of a key, after gathering the three parts you reach the back of the mine where two gollets stand guard over a pedestal you fight a double battle against them after winning you place the key parts in the pedestal and the wall behind opens revealing a large open roofed cave area in the middle stands throne with a Golurk sat on it, the Pokémon stands and your battle with the totem Pokémon begins

Ability- iron fist.
Item- soft sand.
Moves- shadow punch, earthquake, bulldoze and mega punch.

After defeating Golurk the man from the start arrives congratulating you on completing the trial and giving you a groundium z as he reveals him self to be the trial captain.

The Pokémon you can encounter in the mine are- onix, gible, drilbur, diglet, sandshrew and larvitar.

I originally started thinking of this as a ghost type trial but I thought it suited ground better so let me know what you think
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Who's interested in hosting the next month's Showdown Tournament?

If there's anyone who would like to host the Showdown tournament for the month of Feb, then let me know. Tier and rules can be decided later on but we gotta decide who's going to host this time since I'm not really free these days to be able to host one.

Anyways, what tier should the next tournament be conducted in? I'm open to suggestions so do let me know about that as well.
The battle format will be selected on the basis of votes.

If you guys are active on this place and willing to host a contest or a tournament, you're free to do so, just make sure to organize it properly that's all.
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My Pokemon FanFic - Series The True World (Prologue)

NOTE!!: If you are the person who are scared of ghosts or if you are nightmarephobic (i dunno if that is a real word, but you get what i mean right (pun intended)). On the bright side however, can you guys please leave a comment - be honest about what you think (be critical or a well-wisher). Hope you enjoy......


"Hey blue, I .......... um ......... will ............ want ............ ugh. Ok, ok calm down. I am going to meet, well you see, to Alola.............................. To meet Ash!"

"Red, you seem to act very, I mean very very very times by I don't know how many, strange. The Red I know, the Champion Red I know was not like this," laughed Blue, almost emphasizing on 'Champion', "You look absent minded these days. Are you ok? Maybe gramps can check on you."

"Blue!!!! The professor is a Pokemon specialist, even if it is about Marow..... pfftt, it doesn't matter to you does it. The things I have been through, the things I have seen --" Red was interrupted by the clock dinging '12 o'. "Oh no! I'm late for airport, gotta go bye!"

"Smell ya later, Champ."

Blue walked out into the open backyard to see Red sprinting his way to the terminal. Starting to ponder to himself, he thought, 'Something has definitely gone wrong. Last time I saw him was near Lavender City, where I started for Pallet and he went to Lavender. Red, you are not the same anymore. I'll have to investigate....'

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Atlas post

Go on the first user to reply gets to start the letter alright?

You all know rules so start and enjoy!

Special note great spot continue any users that do that report it in for deletion so you know anyway nice job! Anyway continue play on!

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Type for my Silvally

I’ve been making a team of legendaries(not counting Silvally) for my own amusement and I’ve made the team I want but I can’t figure out which type to make Silvally best for my team, can you help?
Zygarde(complete form able)
Dusk Mane Necrozyma
White Kyurem
Primal Kyogre

Thank you!!
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