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I'm new... I am thinking of writing a fanfiction
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Doodle of my OC, Idle

He's a Weavile/ Meowth fusion if anyone's wondering. Made this a while ago but decided it was still postable. Sorry about the ugly grid background, it's the default for Flipanim and I forgot to change it.

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I'd like to ask my other fellow moderators that should we make a new thread for competitive team building once in a while? My basic intention of making it is, people who are more into competitive play can get benefited by others and will be able to discuss with each other regarding some cool tactics and Pokemon selection while battling. Maybe we can just create a new post every 2 or 3 days?
Let me know what you all think of this.

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Guys I am back

I have gotten offline for a month because of some issues but now I am back. Its been a month since I last met everybody here but now

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Mixed-Media Post!

Share all the drawings, digital art and memes related to Pokémon here.
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Dewford gym

Hey guys i am playing pokemon sapphire and am defeated by Brawly. What kind of Pokémon should i use to defeat him or which Pokémon ?
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Teaser material featuring Hau and Eievui

Two pictures from an unknown source have been up for days and the whole footage is up.


Translation of the narrator's spoken dialogue:

"An intriguing Pokémon is appearing in Sun and Moon!"

"This Pokémon is...an Eievui!?"

"Where is this Eievui with massive bangs going exactly!?"

"Keep your eye on this thrilling excitement!"

"But that's not all...Satoshi will meet new friends and Pokémon!!"

"Pocket Monsters Sun and Moon will air Sundays on every week at 6 PM! Don't miss any of this!"

It appears to tie into the magazine scan (Adamant's already translated it here, and it's not main wiki material, so I won't even bother translate it myself):


In addition, the notices in the text say "Airing weekly on Sundays at evening at 6 PM on the TV Tokyo network!" (for the bottom notice) and "*time and date may differ depending on your regional area".

【公式】アニメ「ポケットモンスターサン&ムーン」プロモーション映像第9弾 YouTube
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M-Scizor comeback

[Gen 7] Unrated Random Battle replay: chararueangprat1 vs. Danullade - Pokémon Showdown replay.pokemonshowdown.com
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The school play

The class shares their acting soul with a school play. There will be adventure, romance, tragedy and action... or at least most of that.
Pokemon Sun and Moon Episode 93 Preview (HD)
Pokemon Sun and Moon Episode 93 Preview (HD) YouTube
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Rate 1-10 and please give constructive criticism not just it's really good 10/10 or saying it suck 1/10
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Pokémon X and Y

I had been wanting to restart my Pokémon X game but wondered if there might of been anybody just starting or also wanting to restart that would want to play along together? If so please comment and we can work it out!
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Pikachu doodle

Made this a while back, but decided to post it anyways. If you need proof I made this, the website I made this on is called Flipanim. I go under the username of Spaceguts. Keep in mind that not everything I post is kid friendly/ Pokemon related, and I don't recommend looking around if you don't want to see any swearing/ inappropriate jokes/ anything of that caliber.

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Better game

Which game is better pokemon xy or pokemon omega rby and alpha sapphire
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Sun & Moon to Generation 8

If there’s going to be a Generation 8 anime of Pokémon once Sun and Moon was done, how will they foreshadow a new region in the anime like a person from that region or a new mysterious Pokémon?

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Doodle of my OC, Canvas

She's a Carbink + Midday Lycanroc, if you're wondering.

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Fakemon EVOLUTION: Dorudi

Finally did Delphidi’s evolution. Dorudi took a few redraws, but on the final one a somewhat drastic change happened and he went from being a somewhat chubby whale-ish thing to this sea beast. There’s a specific reason he isn’t a Water/Flying type: his type changes to a different Water combo later.

Etymology: Dorudon( a type of prehistoric whale) and the -di suffix this line has


1 = Tackle

1 = Tail Whip

4 = Water Gun

7 = Double-Slap

11 = Bubblebeam

14 = Bite

18 = Rain Dance

23 = Aqua Jet

28 = Rollout

32 = Twister

37 = Slam

42 = Scald

46 = Hydro Pump

52 = Dragon Dance

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Fanmade Pokemon Region

I made a basic layout of a fanmade region I'm making. I tried to balance out most of the types in here and I made sure that most or some of the Pokemon fit with the region. If you need help understanding, look below. Tell me what you think!

Blue: Starter and Evo

Green: Common

Yellow: Uncommon

Red: Rare

Brown: Fossil

Purple: Legend

Pink: Myth

Region is based off the eastern and lower half of South America. Mega Stones that are obtainable are to the left of the region image. Version exclusives are below the Mega Stones and Region Picutre.

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