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I am new!

What’s up!
Any rules or anything?
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Pokemon GO Teams

Do any of you play Pokemon GO? If so, are you on Team Mystic, Team Valor, or Team Instinct?

I'm Team Mystic, by the way.
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Fakemon Art Contest: Votings


🔳 All the users are requested to vote for the top three entries they thing looks the best. Participants CAN vote for their own entry, too.

🔳 To vote for a participant, simply mention the number of their entry.

For example:

1st: A
2nd: B
3rd: C

(A,B,C here are the first three entries, so you can specifically select your favorite entries in accordance with their order i.e 1st entry: A, 2nd Entry: B and so on...)

🔳 The Votings post will remain open for the next two days i.e 48 hours from now. You can vote for your favorite entries by that time. After that, the thread will be locked.

🔳 A participant is not allowed to request others to vote for themselves. Any such promotion of artwork or any such false activity will not be tolerated and will get you disqualified immediately. Let the users decide on their own whom to vote.

Have fun everyone. Thank you for participating!
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Pokemon Cards

So, for Christmas, my number 1 wish is to get Pokemon cards. The thing is, these will be my first Pokemon cards ever! Which Pokemon have you had major success with, and which Pokemon aren't so good? Thank you, and Merry Christmas!
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• 1d

Pokemon in Real Life

If just 10 Pokemon were real, which 10 would you choose?

For me:
Eevee, Mew, Absol, Tauros, Lapras, Bunnelby, Hitmonlee, Pikachu, Meowth, Charizard
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• 1d

What do you prefer?

What's your favorite Pokemon game on mobile devices (phones and tablets)?
Pokemon GO
Pokemon Duel
Pokemon Magikarp Jump
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• 1d

Darkrai vs infernape

Who will win these pokemon showdown
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• 1d

Atlas Post

Start with A,

Don't upload any images or etc here see below to reply in mixed media alright have fun!

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• 1d

Mixed media!

Go on share all drawings memes and so on regards to Pokemon here. (Must be English)

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Funny Post

Go on you can make anything funny here as long as it's not against anything "hurtful in Etc against moderator's or user's or rule breaking" Anything not related to the Pokemon topic'll be deleted. So you know as such have fun stay within rules!

P.s Keep all memes as such posted in mixed media alright? So you all know thought about it over the dates i was inactive so hopefully you'll enjoy!

Any questions your free to ask don't post any images memes or drawings here alright.

We'll be happy to give assistance if needed or as needed okay? So go on reply all jokes and what not "funny stuff can be here" any "hurtful ones" will be moderatored and deleted if necessary alright so enjoy.

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Is N a Zoroark?

Unnaturally coloured hair, the large ponytail, the quiet mysterious personality, the odd human like stance by zoroark also proves that how can N walk calmly as zoroark mainly walks on two feet. The fact why Zoroark is faster when is on all four proves how N moves around so fast. He's in and out of N's castle in blink of the eye!

What are your opinions?

💐Please comment down below!💐
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Eclipse Legendary Fakemon

Hey guys, I finally finished making this beautifully designed Fakemon by @Deltheor on DeviantArt. I didn't get much free time so I went a little harsh with the coloring process.

I'm also submitting this art as my entry for the Fakemon Contest. Hope you all will like it :)
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Hi,guys I did want to ask you that Arceus is which type pokemon?
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Hi guys

I used to be on the bfdi fandom as PeriwinkleBFDI but I decides "hey I'mma go on the Pokèmon wiki" so I logged out and here I am
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